Erosika is primarily aimed at fine art nude and erotic artistic nude photography, My work is mainly purely photographic with minimal digital enhancement, there maybe some digital works included and these will either be clearly marked or blatantly obvious.

The following text reflects my personal view and should not be taken as factual.


Erotica, derived from the Greek word “Eros” meaning love, is an artistic genre of nude form art or photography.
Its main intent is to provoke the viewers thoughts and emotions, possibly in a sexual but non explicit way.
For me erotic or erotica is more about what you can’t see, leaving it up to the viewers interpretation.

Nude and figure nude..

Nude and figure nude are styles of art and artistic photography of the human body form, photographically, these styles can either be high or low key, with flattering poses accentuating beauty in a tasteful manor.

High key is generally done with carefully designed poses that should hopefully be perceived as tasteful.
Whilst low key is more about light and shadow control and often will concentrate on shape and form, in some ways like a body landscape.

Artistic nude.

Fine art nude are or should be works of a “high and tasteful” standard and quality that the viewer would be proud to hang on their wall or see in a gallery.