Artistic, dance and Figure nude



The Erosika Project

Artistic, studio and location nude photography and blog.
Erosika was initially launched as an ongoing portfolio of my art, figure and location nude photography, at present I am working mostly on night photography and therefore that is where most of my time is committed. Whilst this site has undergone various cosmetic changes, it remains very much the same in spirit, to showcase my artistic nude photography, there will be the occasional blog and gallery update from time to time, so please check back.

Gallery and Blog

About the Author
I am a photographer based in Scotland and work mostly with digital but I do still use film on occasion.
My photography is fueled by my fascination with light and shadow along with high contrast black and white or bold colours.

Please visit the galleries to view my photography covering artistic nude
photography in various styles from studio, to location and ruins or abandoned buildings.

Photo Blog
Blog featuring articles on photography and related subjects,
including high and low key figure nudes and shooting on location with available light.

All photographic images on this website are my own work and are copyrighted.
The work here is to view but not to be used without written authorisation, just like a real life gallery.